CEL - European Private Equity fund for China

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Investment Philosophy

1) Pay much attention to the Investment Preparation in order to setup clear guidelines for investment

  • Commonly agreed business plan before investment
  • Common understanding about the management of the company
  • Help on optimizing the structures for welcoming institutional investor


2) A hands-on investor, providing strong support to the company

  • Reliable equity partner with a long term mindset
  • Pro active and supportive advisor to the management on strategic decisions and operations
  • Helping on establishing reliable and detailed business processes and reporting
  • Value adding through access to its business network and contacts to the benefit of portfolio companies


3) Planning the capital event through a successful story

  • Value adding through cooperation angle with Europe
  • Supporting the company for potential IPO
  • Use of network of multinationals to facilitate a potential trade sale to a strategic partner for maximizing the company’s value





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