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China – Europe

In China, one relevant way of market penetration remains to partner with a local company and share strengths of both sides (technology, coverage). For Chinese companies, expanding on overseas market may require progressive approach. CEL Partners is well prepared to design for its clients tailor made solutions making the cooperation realistic and rewarding for both sides.

  1. In-bound

    China in-bound M&A is on a rise in recent years. However China is always a challenging market for M&A, especially for foreign companies making inbound acquisitions. Differences in culture, language, business practices and rules make the combination of local knowledge and strong M&A capabilities critical to success.

  2. Out-bound

    M&A is a key channel for Chinese enterprises to invest overseas and for foreign companies to invest in China. Despite the increasing need of China SOEs or private entrepreneurs, outbound M&A is however an unfamiliar territory to China players.


We are one of the pioneers to help clients to identify the best cross border target.




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