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Our Service

Our advisory business provides expert advice to companies engaging in strategic cooperation as joint venture and acquisition transactions, especially on cross-border transactions between China and Europe. By utilizing our in depth knowledge and expertise of industries and strong connections in both China and Europe, we have unique capability to precisely identify the synergy between potential partners, help navigate the short and long term opportunities and challenges as well as provide a systematic and tailored post-transaction integration strategy for clients in order to maximize the combined value.

Our services focus on the following categories:

  1. Sell-Side

    Our sell side advisory business focuses on companies which are seeking an alternative to IPO or are looking to partner with a larger, more established platform. Services include helping companies identify and select potential buyers and advising them on negotiation strategies and structuring alternatives. We help maximize company value by identifying the best fit partner with not only financial capacity but also strategic angle. We also provide advice on the restructuring process upon client request.

  2. Buy-Side

    Our buy side advisory business focuses on companies looking to expand quickly into new business lines and markets or seeking to add scale through industry consolidation. We focus on advising companies on cross-border M&A, working with both local companies seeking to expand internationally, and MNCs looking to implement their China strategy. Our services include helping companies explore the strategic rationale for a transaction, identifying potential targets and advising on negotiation and structuring issues, and post-transaction integration process.

  3. Buyouts and Recapitalizations

    Buyouts and recapitalizations are quickly gaining traction in China and we are positioned to help companies seeking to undertake these complex transactions. Our strong technical expertise, intimate understanding of the local market, and strong European networks among MNCs, help positions ourselves as the advisor of choice for these emerging needs.




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